hey guys ive been playing guitar for a couple of years now and i consider myself as an above average guitarist compared to other people i know, i can play things like master of puppets, tornado of souls and stairway to heaven, but not the solos to any of them but i can play solos like fade to black, nothing else matters and sweating bullets prity admirably i think, but i cant seem to learn any other songs so i was wondering if any of you had any suggestions on techniques that would help me progress or songs that would be good for helping me get better at soloing
p.s. i do listen to other things besides metallica and megadeth i just thought that they would be good examples cos everyone knows them
I really enjoy playing The Trooper by Iron Maiden, the main lead isn't that hard, it's got some galloping ( great for your picking hand ) and the solo's are not that hard either.
Also, Painkiller by Judas Priest.
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The first thing to do is learn all the guitar parts for those songs you mentioned, including all the solos. Get some reliable sheet music for them and start slow, gradually increasing the tempo to match the recordings. You'll feel much better when you can play all the songs thoroughly. Then move on to something more challenging, like some Bach or some country, jazz etc.
Use your ear to learn the songs you mentioned. Keep listening and tab it out yourself, this is a great way to link your hearing to where your fingers go on the fretboard.

Have you considered working through a Blues book?

I also find that when I hit a wall I'm actually still improving, but it doesn't feel like it. And then suddenly I leap forward in my skills, as if my body has been storing it up for a big reward. Keep at it mate, and the rewards will come!!
Tornado of Souls has a wicked solo. Start with that one. Master it so you can have it in your repertoire. Break it down bar by bar. especially the last 8 bars.
Memorize notes one bar at a time, one beat at a time if you have to. Then decide if you need alternate fingerings.
Start the metronome at 50 bpm and bring it up to 196 over time.
thanks for the tits guys ive learnt acouple off riffs from painkiller and the trooper and im halfway through learning the tornado of souls solo, what do u know i can play it....the first half im just gonna stop when i get to the last half cos that shits ****ed >.< (dam u marty friedman )

and no i havnt considered a blues book, would that help with soloing and technique and if so could you please recommend a good book, thanks
I would recommend 'Blues you can use' by John Ganapes, it's on Amazon. I also work through 'Blues rhythms you can use' by the same author.

They basically give you really cool tunes to play through, with the theory to back it up so you know what and why you're playing something, and also a CD so you know how it's meant to sound and to play along with. I'm not sure if you're into Blues, but the skills you learn from these books are useful for everything.

Oh, and if you've got any spare tits, send me some as it's been a while haha!!
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Learn the first master of puppets solo, the clean section followed by the solo. Thats a great place to start. If you havent learned the intro solo to one, and intro solo to sanitarium, those are both on the same level as fade to black, and nothing else matters.
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tornado of souls

Thanks for this! Haven't learned a metal piece for quite some time (not really a fan of metal). But this one sounds like a challenge, at least the beginning. Gonna learn it now. Hell yeah!
okay thanks ill google those book and see how much money i have ive got a guitar book called a modern method for guitar 1-3 and i started it but because i have already learnt the basics the start bored me and then i couldnt find where to start from so i gave it a miss after a while, also because all of the music in the book has been writen specificaly for the book you cant tell what the songs are supose to sound like >.<

yeah ive learnt the first solo in master of puppets and one but ill give sanitarium a shot thanks

and you should learn tornado of souls, its such a boss song
ahh yeah i do that with the albums and stuff would you be better off getting a proper backing track that doesnt have the guitar track on it?