How in the world there's no tab for this SUPERB musician?
He's a keyboardist, but his piece have super guitar parts...
I'm surprised there's no tab for this guy, I just found a very short one of "Divided world" (with greg howe) but nothing else...

I'm searching for months for 2 tabs in particuliar:
- Piano Overture (with Michael Romeo)
- Opus1 (with Greg Howe)

If you don't know him search for this two pieces...
Do you know if I can find them anywhere??

Yes, I read your old post when searching for tabs
Symphony V is a great piece too.
Too bad noone tabbed them, I'd really like to learn vitalij's pieces...
maybe in future I'll tab them, the problem is that this pieces are very tough to figure out and it would require a lot amount of time