I'm not exactly new to guitar, I play ok, sound ok either way, but I feel much more comfortable playing right handed (much more developed playing right handed).
I've been looking around the web on and off for years on this and have found nothing - just the usual should I play left, should I play right... Not too much concerned about that.

Everything is great, however - when I try to pick fast, it sounds ok but it looks like an epileptic fit! Especially if I play something like that little Paganini crossroads rip off piece (I love that piece!)

I'm trying to play real slow, keeping even movements and so on, but any time I speed up it just looks really messy and I'm sure it's less than efficient.

I guess my question is have others who are naturally right handed experienced this problem in the beginning (I'm happy to accept that I simply need to practice more effectively) or could it possibly stem from being left handed ?

Another question specifically to left handers who play right: any issues picking fast?

Oh, I also had a full stroke about 17 years ago down the right side when I was 17, but I don't seem to have any side effects (maybe this is one?) I feel blessed that I can do anything at all after that, let alone play guitar!
I actually have two close friends who are both left handed people who play guitar right handed. I've noticed they seem to have a certain way they play it and its similar for both of them even though I don't think they've ever jammed together.

It's tough to explain, its not just one thing. It's from the way they hold it to the way they play. I don't know I never really got it but I've always contributed it to the common factor. I'm not the only one who thought they played very similar even though they're completely different in genre and technicality.

But neither of them look like there seizing up :P its probably something you'll just have to work at and you'll get it. Don't get Discouraged two of my friends do it well.
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It's probably too much tension in your picking. To get past that, just slow down and focus on picking without any kind of tension in your arm. If you're not sync'd up at high speed, then it's because one of your hands isn't practiced enough. As you're a lefty playing right handed, I'd imagine that it's your right hand that's lagging. Slow down and focus on perfect technique, not speed.
Thanks guys. It's funny, I hadn't really sat and analysed this problem of mine in a while. I just took a look, and thankfully, I seem to be making some progress.... It's not a fit anymore (still needs work though!) I definately couldn't agree more with the idea of slowing things right down. I also think watching the right hand while playing is helping to get over it. In the past, anytime I've been looking at the guitar, ill be watching the fretboard... Lately I've been watching my right hand instead.

It's really not much of an issue as I tend to play my own stuff and it's not what you might call shred material haha.