I'm rally interested in buy one of this guitars:
Jackson from 2005' Charvel from 1990

The top model which came out in a Charvel Japan - by a previous owner guitar from 1990-1991 year. A beautiful ash top, one-piece neck of maple! Gotoh bridge, roller saddle The original Jackson pickups, the bridge solution identical to the RS 513 (2 singles, with separate height adjustment, playing at the same time as Hambucker) Guitar with a mini-switch in a position which gives, telephone "sound, in 2 neutral and 3 phase reverses in singles The 5-position toggle switch Status guitar for his age is very good, and when it comes to sound ... is better than new Fenderów USA.

Jackson DK2S Pro Series (Sustainiac)

A professional instrument with a private collection in perfect condition, set up and calibrated. JACKSON DK2S SUSTAINIAC 2005 made ​​in Japan. On site you can outplay the guitar tube amps Peavey, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, and compare to other Jacksons. !! GUITARS IN THE PRICE OFFERS ONE SONG DEMO REGISTRATIONS!! Specifications: Neck - Hard Maple, thresholds 24 Jumbo - Rosewood Fingerboard, (a threshold thickness - 18.5 mm, 12 threshold - 20.5) Keys - Jackson Body - Alder with maple bridge cap - JT580LP Jackson Low Profile Floyd Rose Tremolo Pickups: bridge - Seymour Duncan TB-4 Middle - Seymour Duncan STK-S10 at the neck - Duncan Driver Sustainiac positional switch 5 1 x 2 position sustainiac oN / 1 x 3 position selection sustainiac (basic / Harmonic / Blend) Controls: 1 x volume (Push-Pull coil sharing) 1 x 1 x tone gain sustainiac Strings-Elixir 9-46

Which of them do You recomend?
Sorry for my english.
I'm soloist, i play indie rock and postrock.
Maybe i should look for other one axe?
probably the charvel, it definately seems like it would suit your style much better because the jackson looks a lot more suited for heavy music and shredding, saying that, the jackson looks like it would be more versatile because of its range of pickups.

i can see that you're willing to go used so i would look at a:

made in mexico strat or telecaster

epiphone dot or epiphone 345

gibson les paul studio.

what youre looking at, wont suit indie rock and there are also better stuff for postrock. have i look at the more mainstream brands that i suggested.
I'd take an 80's Japanese made Charvel over a Fender/Epiphone/Gibson any day.
But that's just me.
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