My brother is ready for his first electric guitar. He's been playing acoustic for some time and know wants an LP.
He loves the LP (who doesn't?) so I've been searching for one. And where else, if not here to ask for advice.

I've never owned an Epiphone, but I think I know what to look when buying.
His budget is about $350~$400. I'm not giving him more money, or letting him spend more, because I don't know if he'll actually continue playing :S Off course I will take the guitar if he doesn't but still..
I'm not looking for a class A Epiphone.
Deluxe Limited Edition
LP Studio

The limited edition interested me, from what I can see, the body and neck are one piece mahogany? Except fret board and head stock?


So far I didn't find a used one so.. don't know if there is a better one.
you can always count on epiphone to give you value for money and the limited edition cetainly LOOKS better (quality and visually) but i dont knowif the looks culd be decieving and raising the price. out of the two i would go for the deluxe. you look to have searched well.
I think the main diffrence is Inlays. other than that it should be the same quality as the studio.
Ether will be a fine first guitar. most people start out with a $100 squier bullet/LP special..ect.
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I have a couple of Epiphones in my collection. Basically, they aren't that good until you get up to the Les Paul Custom series (which retails for $599). I bought a $499 Epi 1958 Korina Explorer, but the pickups and innards on it suck (I bought the thing as a project guitar anyway, changed them out for a pair of DiMarzio Super Distortions and also got better quality electronics, too). I have an Epi LP Custom and it's a great little guitar.

If you absolutely insist on a sub-$400 dollar price point, get a Squier classic vibe. You might also check some pawn shops, as lower price instruments often end up there as people begin to upgrade their instruments.
The deluxe studio would be a great electric guitar to start on. Far better than what myself and most of the people on this board started with. You're likely going to have to do some tweaking the get the action and intonation to where he wants it and the stock pickups for epi are notoriously bad but the core guitar is a good solid instrument.
I do advise looking at used instruments too, you'll be able to get him something better for the same amount of money or less. $400 should be able to find you a used epi les paul custom without much difficulty.
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Well we have a winner than
I would definitely look for used ones, I have time till 25 November. That's when I'm going home (from college).

Thanks to all,

I knew I can count on UG Forum
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Well we have a winner than
I would definitely look for used ones, I have time till 25 November. That's when I'm going home (from college).

Thanks to all,

I knew I can count on UG Forum

Just be careful. There are alot of counterfiet Epiphones on the market. Fleebay usually has several on any given day.
Moving on.....
He changed he's mind

I've tried the Deluxe Limited Edition. And to be honest I didn't like it
A cheap sunburst Squier Bullet sits next to my Bugera now.
here it is
I have 16 guitars (today, the exact number changes all the time ) and one of my favourites (also favoured by other opionions) is my Epi Special II, which is a very inexpensive guitar. Yes, I've done a lot of mods to it, but it was a good feeling guitar from day one (and it still has the stock pickups). Not all Epi's are great, so I would hesitate to buy one without trying it in person, but I would strongly caution against ignoring Epi if you are looking for a bargin.