Hey, i'm relatively new to playing both electric guitar and bass guitar, and so I need some help.

At the moment I have a couple of electric guitars (Epiphone les paul, Stagg warlock) and a pretty basic amp. I have never used any pedals and have literally no knowledge of what to buy, how to set up/use them. I would like to know:
What pedals are good (and affordable)
How to use/set them up.

Any response would be greatly appreciated!
With my band, we play punk rock, alt. Rock.
By myself, I tend to play heavier.
so a good overdrive/distorion pedal. maybe a boss ds1. have you thought about getting a multi effects pedal? the zoom g3 is a very good one and it has 100+ effects and amp simulations including a looper and its only $200. i researched which multi fx pedal i should get for months and every time it came back to the zoom g3 and ive never looked back. i recommend doing some researh though. dont buy anythiong without knowing whatv youre buying