Ive had this randall combo for 6 or 7 months now. ive got this problem now. it makes a burning smell! and it loses volume! this has happened before when the transformer melted so i had it fixed and ever since then its made a humming noise. and now recently its doing it again. it hasnt quite died yet as it still works but i dont plan on using it until i take to a tech to show him. any reasons why this might happen? thanks
Wow man. Not sure what to say. If it has had a transformer problem once before then there is not telling what the deal is. This is a hybrid amp according to Randall right? But all I see is one 1-12AX7, digital effects, and mosfet power. The burning smell could be coming from anything - but the power section obviously is suspect. I'd just take it to a tech and look to get a different amp as soon as you can. Is it still under warranty?
im not sure if it is still under warranty since it has already been fixed by randall, and guess what, its not getting in sound out at all, it gets power but no sound, i checked the tube and seems fine so idont know what it is. im thinking of buying a new amp but not sure if i should buy another randall or a marshall stack. might get a the MA series since i aint got a lot of money. if theres another amp that is affordable but good for hard rock metal be sure to let me know!!! thanks
I'd determine the warranty first. Just because it was fixed once before doesn't mean anything. A nicely worded email can go a long way too. Checking that 1 tube will not do anything unfortunately - it is there to make you feel good. Burning smells and melting transformers are not good. I wouldn't even turn it on let alone worry about whether it makes makes sound.

If you need a new amp - I can help you. Or better yet, start a new 'What Amp' thread following the Sticky for Budget, Genres....

I personally would not get another Randall - at least not their low end stuff. I've heard too many stories like yours. Their high end amps (like the MTS) are awesome though.

Don't get a Marshall MA. Junk. Don't get a stack unless you can afford a good one. The only low end Marshall worth considering is the Class 5 - but it can't do metal.

Good luck
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