This is a 25th anniversary USA Custom Shop Horizon.
Hand made in the USA custom shop in California by master luthier John Gaudesi.
Extremely rare guitar in excellent condition, I would say its pessimistic 8.5/10, only because of two tiny nicks in the clear-coat.
Beautiful blue flamed maple top, one-piece mahogany body, 24 fret ebony neck, "cockstock" aka "teardrop" headstock, GOTOH tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece, Sperzel locking tuners, JB/59 zebra pickup set
Comes with OHSC.
One of my prized possessions...but it was either this or the wife that had to go...think I'll hold on to wifey a bit longer!

$1600 + shipping/paypal

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Damn, just noticed I said ebony neck! I meant maple neck with ebony fretboard..my bad! Ca you not edit messages in this forum?