I am using Reaper and Audacity (1.2 and 1.3 Beta) on my laptop. When I record 1 layer onto it, it plays back just fine, but once I have another layer with it, nothing will come out the speaker... But If for example Layer one lasted from 0:00-0:30 and Layer Two lasted from 0:10-0:20... then from 0:00 to 0:10 it will play the 1st layer, then 10-20 it will play NOTHING then 20-30 it will play the first layer.. its really irritating

My Computer is Windows 7 64bit toshiba laptop.


First I'd say we probably need more info.
What's your recording setup? What do you use as an interface, where is it plugged in, etc. Try to provide as much info as you can about your setup and about your laptop and we'll go from there.
Its okay now, thanks though. I can record my guitar on two layers with Reaper now, not sure why... thanks for reply though