I am 17, from Hertfordshire in england. Basicly, I just need an electric drum kit so I can record stuff for my own original recordings and also covers... The only requirment really is that it has a USB line in thing, so I can record directly into the pc...

But the problem is that, on my cleaning job, i only get 240 a month and 50 of it is what I give my mum and 80 of it goes towards my travel for college in that month... So I have about 100 pounds a month for this..

So , I wann aknow if there is any service (online or offline) that is likely to sell a 200-300 electric drum kit, that will let me pay say, 100 pounds a month for example, Just so that I can get it now, and not wait 3 months... I know it might end up costing a bit more, but i dont mind.


i cant use services such as "quick quid" because you need to be 18 to borrow money from those sites...

andertons in guilford, but that might be a like far away. but they can do monthly payments
Ah brilliant, On their site they do delivery... Just found the Alesis DM6 on there, 30-odd quid a month for 9 month, 0% APR thingy.. brilliant!