Poll: Which pickups for my Schecter Hellraiser?
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Dimarzio Crunch lab/ Liquifire
8 67%
Duncan Distortion/ full shred neck
1 8%
Duncan Custom/ full shred neck
1 8%
Any other pickup choice ( please list in the post)
2 17%
Voters: 12.
I've narrowed down which pickups i should put in my schecter hellraiser. Im down to The Dimarzio crunch lab bridge and liquifire neck, seymour duncan custom bridge and full shred neck, or the Duncan distortion and full shred neck. In a bridge pickup im looking for a very tight percusive pickup for metal/metalcore. I also need it to be articulate when played lead or when playing a chord to be able to hear every note. In a neck pickup i want something that will give me a warm clean sound while also being able to play fluid smooth leads while being articulate as well. My amp is a 6505 112. Also if you have any other pickups to suggest please let me know.

Dimarzio crunch lab- I've heard great things about this pickup being very tight and all around great pickup. So far it seems like a great pickup for me.

Duncan Distortion- I've heard many mixed review on this one. I've heard it was a great bridge pickup but im concerned that its too old school and too much of a thrash metal type pickup.

Duncan Custom- The same impression I had with the crunch lab but my concern is that on the duncan website it sounds like a paf which is not what im going for.
it wasn't necessary to make 2 threads about this.
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You get one thread per topic.
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If you want warm, smooth and articulate in a neck pickup then the full shred isn't what you want. The full shred is rather harsh. A SD Jazz model gives you the same clear response but has a smoother tone to it, although it's the sort of pickup that can really punish sloppy players. DiMarzio PAF Pro is the same kind of deal.

The SD Custom isn't really PAF-like. PAF is an over used term that every pickup maker uses to describe any pickup that isn't balls-out metal. The Custom is just a really nicely balanced high output pickup, a little smoother than most horribly bright ceramic pickups but fairly tighter than any hot alnico 5 pickup is. I use it in a LTD MH-350 which is a pretty bright-sounding guitar and it balances that out brilliantly while staying clear. It might be a bit too in the middle for you though. If you want really hardcore metal tones then the Custom may just not have enough power to it.

I've only tried the Distortion once but to my ears it was a Custom without any of the bass. In fact my guitar orginally had EMGs, then I put the Distortion in and didn't like it, then I put in the Custom and that was the tone I wanted. That's all there is to that one. Really thin-sounding.

I have no experience with the Crunch Lab so I won't comment on that.

From your description of what you want I'd suggest a DiMarzio Evo or Evo 2 for your bridge. They're both more modern and more cutting than the SD Custom but they've also got more bass than the Distortion. They're both really responsive and clear. The Evo 2 is better for cleaner tones but your Hellraiser has a kind of warm tone I'm guessing so the original Evo might be a better choice since that's a little brighter.

You said 'articulate' a lot and you can't get any more articulate than a SD Jazz + DM Evo.
I've played loads of different types of pickup and if you want something that is 'tight' and 'highly articulate' for a bridge pickup, you won't be getting the best by getting any of those. The best quality tone with the tightest and most articulate feel comes from Bareknuckle. I've tried both Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio next to Bareknuckle and they were good right up to the point when I started to play Bareknuckle. The difference was absolutely staggering. Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio weren't just second best, they were a very distant second. Bareknuckles are more expensive than SD or DiMarzio but it's a hell of a lot more pickup for your money. Take a look at the Aftermath and maybe the Miracle Man or ceramic Nailbomb. I think all of those would work well for what you're after. The Aftermath would be my first guess because it's super tight and articulate like an EMG but at the same time it's warm and organic. Think of it as having all of the advantages of an active EMG with none of the downsides. Miracle Man and Nailbomb are both superb with one being more an 80s Metal feel and the other being more 90s.

For the neck pickup the Aftermath would again be a good choice but the Cold Sweat is also a very popular option for the tones you're after. You're spoilt for choice really as everything Bareknuckle make is very articulate and a billion miles better than anything else I've tried.
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