Hey UG!!

I'm looking to buy a new guitar on x-mas! And I'm really leaning towards a semi-hollow guitar.

I'm looking for a Strokes kinda tone, maybe so Tom Delonge too. I just want that awesome overdriven sound you can't get from solid bodies and to get some warmer cleans. (Although I really like stratocaster cleans)

Anyway, you get the tone I'm looking for, right?

Preferably a double cut.

My amp is a Peavey Vypyr 30w, and a Fuzz Probe and English Muff'n (I love this pedal!)

Budget is under $800!

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Epiphone Dot maybe? I love mine.
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epiphone dot ($400) with upgraded pickups and pots.

the dot is a pretty well made guitar, and if you take the time to find the best sounding one in the shop (play 5, 1 will almost undoubtedly sound notably better) it'll be pretty easy to get a solid guitar. the stock pickups and pots are not that good though, so swapping them is pretty much essential. I personally really like the sound of a dot with Lace alumatone pickups ($115 each) with good quality pots (talk to your local shop, but expect to pay between $15 and $25 a pot).

yes, the upgrades will cost nearly as much a the guitar, but you'll end up with a guitar that is significantly better than any stock semi that you'll find in your budget
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The first sentence in the description turns me off:

A semi-hollow Strat body with Tele neck and humbuckers? Sure why not?
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Epiphone Casino?

This is a great guitar, but it isn't semi-hollow. Doesn't rule it out though...

The Epi Sheraton II is a fabulous axe as well. Question: What do you mean by "Strat cleans"? Just in general? Or specifically one pickup position? If you like the sound of a clean Strat neck pickup the Casino will come a lot closer than a Dot or Sheraton.
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Might I recommend a PRS SE Custom Semi-hollow?
I haven't actually played it (although I stared at one just today at my local guitar store...), but from other SE models I've played I've noticed that the pickups sound very bright. It might be something you'll enjoy, and frankly, it's also a very handsome guitar.
I was saying I wanted some acoustic warm cleans, but I also love strat neck cleans.

I had a look at the Sheraton II, the PRS SE SH and the Epiphone Riviera P93 (which I can say looks amazing)
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