Dm Bb C
4 2 2
Downstrokes on the offbeat. Comes with violin that will make you think of sailing.
Between verses I cling to that C like it's a floatie on a rope while the violin does cool things.


have they gone?
They left me tied up in the dark
Humming the same old song
I just want to know where you go
When it all feels wrong
Someone point me to a cloud
So i can just float on

Is this world gonna end?
Will you be curled up in bed
Or at a funeral for a friend?
Will god come down off his high horse
Or will a president flip a switch?
I'm holding out for a moment
Where some of this might make sense

(frantic ska explosion)
Dm F Bb A C
Dm F Bb C

I know we'll be ok
Sometimes "friends" will leave you in a ditch
But at least they go away
When everything fades to to nothing
It won't matter what they say
The strong ones rise above it all
To watch the weak ones go insane
I want Super Saiyan abilities
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