Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew if there was another manufacturer who made an almost identical shape of guitar as the PRS studio. I love the look of the guitar but unfortunately out of my price range
I know this brand called Paul Reed Smith Guitars makes this guitar called a PRS Studio.. you could check that out

OT: It's a pretty new guitar. You won't find cheap copies just yet - it IS identical to the shape of the majority of PRS guitars, like the Custom 24 etc. If you want a quality guitar that is as close as you can get before getting within the American PRS range, get an SE Custom 24. They're only $665 or so, and they're actually really good looking.
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Tokai do some PRS copies that have the big carved top and are better quality than the PRS SEs
^ This. (Referring to second post)

There are few to no companies that will copy PRS, because PRS will likely sue their ass off. Like the dude above said, go for an SE Custom 24. They're pretty good.

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Loads of companies make guitars that imitate PRS's - the Studio is, as Juared said, a pretty new guitar, so there won't probably be a guitar that's "inspired" by it just yet. A brand called Vintage has a series called VRS, which are pretty good PRS-inspired axes at a lower price range. They won't compare to the real thing, of course, but for the price I hear they're very good, sound good and are good players, and look cool, too.

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