I've been after one of these for a few years now, when this one came up I couldn't help myself

It's a 1998 Parker Fly Classic, not everyones cup of tea I know but it's a dream to play and very very light.
It's an all in one construction, with 2 Dimarzio humbuckers (these have been upgraded with better Dimarzio pickups than the origionals, the old ones were included) and a piezo pickup in the bridge/trem.
It's got 2 seletor switches, one selects just humbuckers, just Piezo or a combination of both pickups. The other selects bridge, neck pickups or a single coil from each.
There's also a master volume, a volume and tone for both humbuckers and piezo.
It's also Stereo and come with the cable, although I've only tried it in mono so far, it still sounds good.

So far I've had a decent amount of home use from it and all I can say is that it feels like silk in my hands. The neck is really thin but the fret board is pretty wide which took a bit of getting used to. It's so ultra light it almost feels toy like lol.
The tuners are locking and stay in tune really well, you can adjust the tension on the trem and also lock it with flick of a switch.
I'm gonna give this it's real test Tuesday at rehearsals, so I may post an update on it's peformance.

Pic's... Sorry for the poor quality ones, it's really hard to show the colour in the photos but the back is dark metalic blue but the front looks dark blue but when you get strong light on it, you can see the wood grain and it looks a very dark green.

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HNGD!!, Never really liked the looks of Parkers but hey, who gives a **** when ur happy!

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Dat neck joint.
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Awesome Sauce

Love these guitars, just wished they looked better on me.

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HNGD man, looks awesome !
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gorgeous guitar.... parkers are soooo underrated its pathetic.... great buy!!!!!!
Nice axe dude
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and welcome to parker week everyone.

TS - that's an awesome guitar, congrats on such a great find!
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HNGD. She's purdy.
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ANOTHER PARKER NGD? COME ON! A few more and I'll have to buy one.

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OK, Just got back from rehearsals and the guitar was outstanding, performed really well, The only other guitar I need to take with me now is the twin neck, for the 12 string.
This guitar nails all the sounds I need, has the crunch of the SG and gets the strat sound pretty well too, with the added benefits of it's own tone plus the acoustic piezo sound.
Can really recommend this guitar if you get the chance to get one.
Only thing i dislike are the knobs. HNSBGD (slightly belated).
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