I almost never see this pick up mentioned here so I wonder if anyone here uses it. From what i understood its a super distortion with a different EQ meant for to fit in the neck.
I have one of these in a cheap ass ibanez RG and it sounds sweet, it has a really smooth tone that i like for shred solos, in my opinion it completely smokes the so praised air norton.

so, does anyone here have experience with it and what are your thoughts?
im upgrading my RG soon and ive been looking at the super 2, what do u have in the bridge with it?
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Very bright, high output pickup. If you are into 80's hair metal or anything with less bass and more of the mid-treble range it will sound excellent in the bridge. If you want a clearer high output pickup in the neck it works for that as well. I had it in the bridge with an Air Norton in the neck and it sounded good, but the Breed sounds better. It should work well in the neck if you have an X2N in the bridge.
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