I am pretty sure my pickup went bad, but I am not sure. I measured the resistance in Ohm's it has and it is about 6K Ohms. I believe it should be up to like 11-13k.

What happens is when I play I have to wiggle or apply pressure to the pickup to get it to function. I am 100% sure it is not a wiring problem because all of the soldering looks decent.

I guess what I am asking is, is my pickup trashed or could It be another problem.
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What happens is when I play I have to wiggle or apply pressure to the pickup to get it to function.

That sentence to me says it is a wiring problem, you've got the fine windings that go round the pole pieces or bars and the two ends of each winding connect to the wires that come from the pickup, I suspect there's a bad solder joint or something around one of the conections.
I know man, I suspected it to be a wiring problem when I took it apart, but all soldering is good and not even cracked and most definitely not loose. SO my dad recommended me to check it out with a multi-meter and sure enough the resistance was about half I expected. What could cause this other than a break in the coil of a cracked magnet?

Anyway, I am probably going to either have my uncle check it out, or buy a new single coil or stacked humbucker.
i still really think it could be the wiring.

i believe the wiring, might also account for the ohm reading.

a lot of times, the pickup either works or it doesnt.

if it's cutting out, that almost screams wiring issue.

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It sounds like either the series link isn't working and/or one of the coils is just going to ground. 6k is what I'd expect a split hot rails to read. When you're pushing down on the pickup you're obviously fixing whatever the problem is. I suspect a wire has broken somewhere and when you're pushing on the pickup you're pushing the wire into a position where it's connected properly again. If the soldering around the pots looks okay and it's directly effected by you pushing on the pickup then the break is probably within the pickup itself or on the base plate of the pickup.

tl;dr look at the pickup itself, forget the rest of the wiring. It IS a wiring problem. Pickups are only wire and a few magnets.
Im guessing it is the internal coil wire or magnet, and it isnt just when the pickup is in the guitar I can push on it to get it to work, it is when i have it in my hand a can squeeze the pickup to get the higher ohm reading I expect. Ill have my uncle work on it. He works on guitars all the time.