I was wondering who has tried wood picks. I use V-Picks quite often, but for something completely different, I bought the slew of Timber Tones... fantastic picks... from bright to very warm (and with minimal or no pick sound or clicking). As impressive, I tried their horn and bone picks and they are super! They have seashell picks, but I haven't tried those yet.
Bit of a difference... Timber Tones are tapered and made from specific woods with superior hardness to oak or maple. Maple, for example, has a Janka hardness of about 1400, whereas African Ebony is at 3320, more than double. And Lignum Vitae (the hardest of the picks) measures in at 4500.
I tried metal picks, including DAVA's, which I really liked. Then I moved to V-Picks (better action and feel for me. My style is very much like Gilmour, although I throw in some Satriani, etc. in my compositions, and have found the Timber Tones and their 'Bone Tones' more up my alley.