I've been keeping a low profile lately while a worked on getting better at recording...well and playing my guitar... Anyway I finished this one up today and I was curious if could get some opinions on it
I will comment on anyone's music who comments on mine, so just give me a link and I'll return the favor

Black Sheep Generation
The recording/audio quality is really bad. I'm assuming you did the best you could with whatever hardware you have. Other than that I like the song though. I think a short, simple, melodic solo would be a nice addition to it to break up the melody and keep it from seeming repetitive. The vocals seemed to come in late a few times, like you were playing "catch up" so tighten it up just a bit and I think you got yourself a good song.

At least you got it completed. I got mine started but can't seem to finish it. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1491353
Hey man! It's been a while.

I remember listening to one of your songs a couple months ago and I'm glad to hear that you've improved since then. I don't know what you're using to record this, but the guitars are a bit loud. Turn down the volume a bit. You don't seem to have too much trouble keeping on tempo with the guitar, but like the guy above said, your vocal timing could use some tightening up.

At least I can hear your vocals and make out lyrics this time! Much improved. I don't know how capable your recording equipment is, but if you have the ability to mess around with the eq settings on your vocal and guitar tracks, you should be able to get a clearer sound out of both that wont drown each other out. I'm still learning myself, but what I understand so far is that for example if you boost the high frequencies on your vocal track, then you want to soften the same frequency band on your guitar track so that the vocal and guitar frequencies sorta mesh together.

Hope this helps

Wow, This song takes me back in the days of playing Tony Hawk games, really the old skool punk vibe this song has. And you got som balls, just putting yourself out there, props for that ! All you need is some better recording quality and you're ready to go.. gave it a like =) !

My song is more towards metal, but it would be greatly apreciated if you would check it out !

Cheers, Thomas V.