I'm having a conundrum, and I wanted opinions from musicians.

So I finally finished my EP. and between my job, and personal life. My schedule is PACKED. So I figured, I love playing live. the experience is like no other (anyone who's played live knows what I mean).
On the other hand, handing out physical cds would get a better distribution. International even.

So If youre in a hurry. Drop me a quick response. If you'd like, give me a response, and why you think this. All responses would be greatly appreciated.
It's over simplified, So what!

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I don't understand the question. You've recorded the CD already ... so where't the conflict?
Sell the CDs live, but put the Mp3s online for free download.

It'll save money on individual CDs (they're not that cheap) and make a small profit while still letting you expose yourself without having to actively "hand out" to people. Put the music out on your facebook, bandcamp, last.fm, etc. for free, but let people still buy your CD if they like it.
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I was trying to focus on one or the other for this band. Considering I am running multiple projects at once. But I suppose I could throw them online as mp3 downloads andjust check it periodically. lol. thanks hail.