the first arpeggiated part in viking kong (racer x), the first couple of seconds, that keep returning in the song, are impossible for me to play. i try to palmmute but the notes either sound dull or i just cant get my hand on the bridge (edge 3) properly to hit the strings & make it sound right. right now my palm is hurting. how do you guys do this? once i get the right method down i'll try to turn it into a picking exercise--please help
muting with floating tremolos can be hard if you are not used to it... it would be helpful if you could post a video so that we can point out what you are doing wrong. You said your palm hurts so if i had to guess i would say you are pushing down too hard. Remember you only need to gently touch the high strings to mute them. if you stomp on them they wont ring out at all.

edit: i play that riff with 2 upstrokes on the high e and B, and a downstroke on the G. im pretty sure its the way PG plays it so maybe give it a shot and see if its any better.
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yeah i agree with GS LEAD 5, it fits my hand perfectly and TOM's are a pain in the a ss for me, but with this particular song i just cant seem to find a right way to do it.
but the bass strings are so much easier to mute than the higher strings so that video wasn't really helpful to me (???)