I have my reverb pedal decision down to two pedals, which is best in your experience?
I've used the Verbzilla for the last 5 years or so, I love mine, but I haven't tried the HOF, I imagine with it being a TC jobby, it would be tons better

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I haven't used either, but my experience may be able to help you.

I have a line 6 pod hd500, which has the same reverbs as the verbzilla.

I Used to own a tc electronics g major 2. I don't know if the reverbs on it are the same as the HOF, but it is a tc product.

In my experience, the tc reverbs were cleaner and crisper. Very high quality and great for adding some depth to a tone or imitating a subtle amp spring reverb.

The pod reverbs, while not as hifi sounding as the tc reverbs, are way better at huge long reverbs and more dense reverbs. I play a lot of post rock/ambient music and sometimes a big washy reverb with long decay is a must. The pod beats the tc in this area in my opinion. The tc would tend to get muddy and "boomy" with high settings.

So for me the question would be how do you plan on using it? If you need more subtle reverbs, to add some depth to a solo tone or sweeten up a clean tone, go for the HOF. If you need big reverbs for sounscapes and ambient sections, get the verbzilla.

And I'd like to end this by reiterating that I have NOT used the actual pedals you speak of so I can't actually tell you for sure that the HOF has the same type of reverb as my old g major. This was just meant to try and help with the decision.
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