I've got a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe that I've been playing on for almost two years now. Not the best amp in turns of gain, but it sure can take to some pedals nicely on the clean channel. It's grown on me, so to speak. But there are some problems.

Started about 8 months ago, where I would be playing through it, and then it would just cut out! Turning up the volume wouldn't get it back on, new cable wouldn't. But if I put it in standby, let it sit for a bit, and then turn it back on---it would work! Well, as time went on, that no longer fixed it. Now, I turn it on and there is no sound! However, If I plug my guitar into the input, and run a line from my preamp-out to my mixer, the sound will came straight through my PA.

I've also heard some stuff about the HRD being a heat monster, and something happening with the board to where it burns up or something? I took off the back panel, and looked into the amp chassis, and didn't really notice any type of burn marks or anything.

Just wondering if anybody had any ideas of what it could be, or other things I could do to do a process-of-elimination or anything. Appreciate any info anybody could give!
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Haven't changed my tubes...Could it be the power amp tubes or something? If the preamp-out is working...could it be the preamp tubes?
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It's probably your power tubes. Are they lighting up? Is the silver top now white? If you waited so long that they blew instead of replacing them at the first sign of trouble, it's likely they took a few resistors with them.
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Other than checking your tubes as mentioned above, I've experienced that problem with several amps where the pots and jacks had cracked colder joints where attached to the circuit board. The fix is easy if you have an iron and are capable of doing the job. Just touch up each solder pad.
Volume drops are a classic sign of knackered power tubes. A little worrying that you've been running it this way for 8 months though, you can cause damage to your amp playing it with worn out/dead tubes. For future reference, if you start having odd noises or volume drops with a tube amp, swapping out the tubes should really be your first port of call.

EDIT: Just re-read your post, if your pre-amp out is working, then it's almost certainly blown power tubes. And as mentioned above, if you've left it this long that they've totally blown, chances are you've damaged something else in your amp in the process too.
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Bummer, man. I'm taking it up to a shop next Friday.
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