I have very small hands - just above 5.5" from base of the palm to the tip of the index finger. However, I also have kinda pudgy fingers - not hugely so, but a little bit. Like a child's hand (which is basically what mine look like). I'm a really small person over all actually - only 5 foot tall. This makes it very difficult to play.

Anyhow, I'm new to guitar. I have a 3/4 guitar as of now (I bought a really cheap one to use until I learn a bit more - don't wanna lose interest having spent 300 bucks on a failed hobby), but even with that I'm stretching just to reach 5th string and I deaden strings way too much. Also, I have short nails but I keep getting a fret-buzz esque sound from strings hitting my nails. Although I'm pretty sure some of this will be helped with practice, the size of my hands doesn't help much either. So I was wondering if you guys had any ideas or tips - guitars with tiny necks, tips on fingering with small hands, etc. I have always wanted to play guitar, but my hands always get in the way.

Also, I've ordered a soprano uke (I want to learn both guitar and ukelele at the same time - why not? ). Hopefully, that will be easier for my hands. However, any tips on that? Thanks! Three billion who's line points to anyone who helps me out!
The tiny hands thing sucks.. im only 14 but my hands are just under 6" and i can t reach worth anything you just have to try that much harder...and i too just ordered a uke..lol
Dang! You have dinky hands!

I know Fender made reissues of Duo-Sonics back in the 90's, which usually go for cheap now - you can find one in good condition on eBay or something for less than $300, including shipping. They're 22.5" scale (3/4) and pretty good quality. It'd be nice if we knew what kind of music you play, btw.
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Um, I don't see the problem here.

Did you see those crazy asian little boys playing full-size guitars?
Hey,I also have slightly smaller hands and I work on warming up well and stretching exercises before I play.I found some good hand stretching routines online,just work at it slowly so you don't hurt yourself.Be paitient with yourself,If you have two hands and a desire to learn,you can play the guitar.Good luck,hope I helped.
I have really tiny hands also. I use a ESP that is 24.75 scale. I had considered a 3/4 scale but glad I didn't because I don't want to be limited on what guitar I can play. Another option is a Fender Jaguar, it's a 24" scale that might be a tad easier without getting into such a small and limited selection.

The 3/4 might be giving you issues because the necks also tend to be narrower as well along with being short scale and if you have bigger fingers they can hit other strings and cause noise.
I'd personally get away from the 3/4 size, go hit GC or a local store and try some of the 24.75 guitars out.

After several years the only problems I have really is using my pinky on the low E string so I have to improvise on that some. Practice really works out alot of the issues for the most part and it gets better. I will never have a massive fret reach but I'm ok with that. Learn your fretboard and find alternate fingerings.

Also to help with your reach use the left leg if sitting and tilt the neck up..
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