Now, first of all, forgive me if this is supposed to be in a certain thread, or away from the Pit. I looked around, and didn't find anything exclusive. And I know this is Ultimate GUITAR, but I have no doubt that some of you are very tech savvy

So I've got an important jam tomorrow with the band (I'm the singer), and there's a microphone issue. I have a Shure SM48, I have a cable, but the plugging in is the issue. I was going to plug into a mixer, but the mixer can't be used because the cable for that is way messed up, the jacks are pretty much broken off. So, I was going to plug into this speaker my keyboardist uses, but it doesn't work too well, because that speaker isn't working so great anymore.

What to do? I can't exactly plug it into an amp because the cables have the three jack plugin (pardon my inexperienced lingo), not the kind of plugin a guitar cable has.
Is there any solution? Should I buy a new speaker? And how cheap can I get a decent one?
Public Address system

those giant speakers at the side of the stage
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You could get a cheap microphone to 1/4 inch cable adapter and plug straight into a clean amp (preferably an acoustic amp) as long as you don't go super loud you shouldn't get much feedback.
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A PA is a Public Adress system, typically used to amplify voice parts.

Something like this: http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/EPA300.aspx

What we use is something like that. I assume they aren't cheap?