just wondering what you PC users use to record your stuff. Im looking for something free , even if its just for my temporary use until then, that has got a neat interface for ease of use and bla blah blah

any suggestions?

cheers guys
Reaper is awesome(being free, you can still use it after the trial ends), might get confusing if you've never used a DAW before. If it's too confusing try out audacity, it's pretty straight forward and easy to start with but reaper is the superior one.
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Audacity is easier to use, Reaper is better I think but I'm still trying to learn that one, it has kinda rubbish user interface (here i am being all designer-y lol).

EDIT: my own music, which you can find on the facebook page in my sig, is a good example of the power and limitations of Audacity. all the drums and keys were FL studio, but the rest was recorded, mixed, and mastered very badly on Audacity.
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i think audacity's layout and interface looks really rubbish and unnatractive, actually o.o

ive used fl studio a lot when i was in my phase of learning to make hip hop, dance, dubstep music . I will check out reaper, thanks guys !

oh, and can i program drums on reaper?