i want to add an SG to my guitar collection. i really like the angus young SG, well, because i like the thunderbolt inlays 0 haha

that being said though, is something really alot different in the build, pickups, POTS, wiring etc that would make the 1K diff in price really worth it?


or is there a certain build SG i should really aim for?

gibson sg 61 reissue is better for the price, you could just swap out the pickups.
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They changed it from

That's depressing, that was one of the few gibsons I liked, very nostalgic.

I feel the newer one isn't worth it.
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Structurally, the only real difference is that the AY Signature SG has an ebony fretboard. Beyond that, it's pretty much an SG with fancy inlays. If the ebony fretboard is what you're after, I'd go for the SG Custom instead.

Angus Young SG:

SG Custom:
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it also has a thinner neck
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it also has a thinner neck

It's an SG. How much thinner can it get?
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley