Hi everyone!
Since I dare think I know a bit about musical theory, and that I have done some compositions which, due to lack of band members, found themselves in 8-bit resolution instead of being actually recorded.

If you can stand 8-bit or are a nintendocore lover, you may appreciate it.

If you are a musician or a music theorician (does that exist?), then I'd really appreciate you leave a small review of the songs here

Here's the link!!!

Thank you all!
i like your use of polyrhythms, as well as sometimes changing the mood of the overall tune from like your song "Her" which goes from an uneasy Phrygian mode to an epic Aeolian. its such a shame that 8-bit doesn't get that much attention these days. But, oh well. Great job by the way.
hey, i don't know nothing about music theory, but i'd like to post that i loved your tunes, keep on the good job :]
simonbh : thanks for reviewing! I actually had to go on wikipedia to check out the modes you were talking about, so I guess it tells a lot about my own theoretical knowledge! haha And yeah 8-bit is quite under-used those days, but it's fairly easy to youtube 8-bit version of actual songs.

satriani89 : thanks, man! If you like that, maybe you'll want to like us on facebook, 'cause beside my 8-bit stuff, we're working on a REAL song here's the link : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Omega-Cluster/134943926559945?sk=app_178091127385

mishax92 : I'm using GXSCC from Gashisoft, which is a freeware you can download easily. To make 8-bit songs, just import a MIDI file, then you can hear it or export it in WAV by clicking "Authoring". It's funny to read all the Engrish from Japan!

I have to say that GXSCC doesn't make "real" 8-bit, it's only a feeling of. Famitracker, on the other hand, would let me do real 8-bit songs, but my compositions have too much tracks for it. I'll give it a try, though.
I really liked it. I've love to see this stuff recorded fully. That being said it is still good as an 8 bit track.