A prog rock song I came up with, My style not conventional, and people criticise me alot cos my music doesn't do what they expect it to do....I included a Mp3 and GP5 file for those without GP6 but just use the GP5 to follow along with the MP3 because the GP5 messed up when I exported the GP6 file.
Of course, C4C

File is here
I uploaded to mediafire now since UG wont upload my files...
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Although the concept is cool, it comes off a bit repetitive and dragged out. Especially the intro, which I'd suggest you shorten. It looks like you've chosen your own route across the progressive rock ocean, but even though your "unexpected" parts raise an eyebrow or two, I think you do the generic progressive rock-riffs the best.

New Theme/Verse 3 is completely different from the first and second verse + intro. It sounds less muddy, and the instrumentation feels more rich even if you use less instruments.

The bridge is great. Fits the theme you have going too. You've made some weird tie notation there though, but it doesn't make any difference on the sound directly.

Now, I hope you'll write a vocal line for this, because that will probably make the parts I find boring a bit more interesting. The bass/guitar solos aren't there on my version, but I didn't really mind since the riff is really good.

Verse 8 is probably your strongest verse. Just needs vocals. The bridge following it is really good too. The nice flow you had going is kinda interrupted by the pre-verse for Verse 9, somewhat of a disappointment.

I don't like the synth in the Intro reprise, the riff felt like it was too much for an outro, like it wanted to take me even further.

Great concept, some tweaking would be cool. Some bits could be shorter, others could be longer.

Good job though, and good luck with the song!
Please use another file sharing host like mediafire, or atleast upload the GP files via UG. 50 kbps max download is quite annoying
Well Prog Rock is my genre of choice so this is generally my sort of music. I will start by saying that I really like the part that started off at 3:30sih and kicked off at 4:00ish (I listened to the MP3). I also enjoyed the progression this piece had, I didn't find it too repetitive (mostly) and it transitions nicely. I liked the rest of it after that, but the way it finishes where i starts was particularly nice. Otherwise, I'd advise playing around with the song's arrangement, well done!
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