(Fuse Help)...Hi guys, tonight while getting ready to go at it for round two in my jam session. I turned on my amp i then i noticed the lights going dim and then no power. So i took my amp apart and i realized one of the fuse was black looking.. I got out the soldering gun and removed the fuse..(Fuse with pig tails)..I am now having trouble trying to find a place to get a new fuse....The fuse inside the amp well the spot where it goes saids...F203...also T3A...The fuse its self had LF.T3.15Al250vp on it....Im hopeing somebody here can point me in the right direction of a place that would have them...any help would be very much apperciated!...I have found fuses just not the type with the pig tails on it. Thanks again!
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Ok cool, Thank you!...How do i get ahold of that Mouser place...Do they have a web site?
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Mouser has those.
I had to buy some for a VK100 I repaired a few months ago.
That's where I got them.

Hey i found there web Site...If you could would you show me the ones you got?...Im not sure what it is for sure?..Is it a slow blow fuse? Thanks matt
Slow blow fuse.
The "T" stands for "Timed", which means slow blow (or Slo-Blow)

Lets break it down

LF = Not sure, guessing package type
T = Timed (I.E. Slo-Blow)
3.15A = 3.15 Amps
250v = 250 Volts

The ones in the VK were glass, clear.
I had to get ones listed as ceramic, they were white.
But all the other specs matched the original.

I looked through all my emails from Mouser, but they don't go back far enough
That information really helped!...I think i about found what i need as far as dimensions go i am not sure yet