Hi all, I have a guitar up on craigslist and someone offered me an 80s bc rich nj warlock in translucent blue and black, floyd, in great shape. Now, I can't find anything online other than; its about 30 years old and is an import. He told me its a licensed floyd, looks like stock bc rich pickups. He *says* its from when japan was making them without "Bernie Ricos" permission. Anyone know around how much I might be able to sell it for?

Here's the pics he sent me;

He also says there's no serial number on it. Personally I don't like bc rich guitars and don't really care about playibility, sound or anything else. Just any idea how much I could get for it? Or better yet is it real? Thanks!
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Well first of all its definetly not 30 years old, that headstock only started appearing on warlocks this century. Helluva nice finish though
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^Agreed. Probably the best looking BC Rich that has shown up in a while. I would defiantly take a look at it. But check out the LFR if you do, check for heavy wear cause I feel like after 30 years it could be very iffy.
Mmm, I've never seen a finish like it on a bc rich before. It looks brand new so I'm a little concious of the 30 year thing too...

And retro, mind rephrasing a bit? 30 years ago was still this century. Haha. Did it start the early 2000s?
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if it was 30 years old, it looks like one of the horrible ones from the late 80's if anything.
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So seems like the finish is kind of throwing the age thing out the window then?

And I got the serial number, 0002070706.
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