I've been thinking about getting an ESP LTD V-300 and I was wondering what UG users have to say about it. I'm used to the V shape and I love it, but I was wondering if the guitar was worth the $600 I'd be paying for it.
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I have the MP600(offered to me for $700) and I'm pretty happy with it. The v-300, has two Emg's 81, I prefer the 81 85 combination but it's your choice. If you get one make shure it comes with a gigbag because mine didn't come with one and they don't make gigbags for such wide guitars. I bought one but still doesn't fit(there's a bit of the side that comes out). I completely love the shape but i kind of pissed me off that it dind't come with a gigbag.
you might wanna look at the gig bags used for Jackson King V's if you can't find one. Should work. I generally like LTD's, but i've played a few that were just...bad feeling. It just felt off, even though it was set up just fine. Try before you buy
Why even bother with a gigbag. Go to rondomusic.com and look in the cases section. For $50 you can get a hard case that will fit a king v.