hey guys is it possible to use overdrive and fuzz in acoustic? If yes is your answer, do i need to change my pickup into:
a. Humbuckers b. Single coiled c. Magnetic or d. Piezo?

next question do i need to change my strings into:
a. Electric strings b. Acoustic strings still same?

samples are


and many more in youtube.
It's possible, it just sounds like crap.

Humbuckers and single coils are magnetic pickups, but neither of them are a great idea on an acoustic. If you're really determined to do this, a piezo or soundhole pickup will at least let you use effects on an acoustic. Again, though, acoustics tend to sound quite bad with these sort of effects. You're a lot better off just getting an electric.
The one question I would ask is why? Why do you want to make it sound like an electric rather than just use an electric guitar?

Also you need to post the links better



But check this one around 2.00

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This. And seriously, you can get a better sound with a $90 plywood electric you find on craigslist. You can do it, but why? I understand maybe if you were trying to get a semi-acoustic tone, but to just use it like an electric....not very useful.
you can give acoustics a little bit of fuzz but anything more than a BC108 fuzz face with the fuzz knob turned all the way down would just sound bad. you're not gonna get hardcore distortion with an acoustic.
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A Piezo pickup is the way to go if you want to sound like an acoustic guitar, but you can bolt in an electric guitar single coil/humbucker if you want that big expanse sound with electric guitar tone. You're golden sticking with the acoustic strings, whether you go with the magnetic, or piezo-electric pickup(it's mostly a matter of playability).
Good luck!
guys electric guitar is too expensive for us here in philippines. It cost 50,000 php for a better one. And the regular salary pay for a regular person is 8,000 php, what will happen to our expenses if i used it to buy a guitar.
Anybody got a cheapie bangin around the garage that they could send him?

going to a good sized swap meet next weekend.. I'll keep my eyes open...
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