The title says it all. Need a Bassist and a Drummer. Main influences are Protest the hero, BTBAM, fall of troy, and Mars Volta. The prog scene isnt that big out here, it's all buzz music and hard rock. I'm just trying to breathe some fresh air into an otherwise stale atmosphere. If you want any samples of my playing click this-----> http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brains-The-Movie/149782638392636
"Stop shooting me!!!GAHHHH!!!"
<(0_0<(>0_0)> FU
^(0_0)^^(0_0)^ Sion
(>0_0)><(0_0< HA!!!
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I would love too but I'm stuck at college station XD
BTW i hear the PTH in your untitled song
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