Awesome man. I really dig your style, very tasteful with the effects. Nice playing with the slide as well. I could definately see this being a really cool song with a female r'n'b vocalist. Nothing really to critique, it all sounds good, great guitar tones.

When you get a moment check out my song 'tune up' on www.soundclick.com/bleakperfect

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Thanks for the feedback! Your songs are killer. It sounds grungy and progressive, but it sounds original. Not generic. Good job!
I dig it, what recording methods/gear do you use?
My Gear
Gibson ES 137
Peavey Milestone IV
Ibanez Soundgear (4string)
Squire acoustic (one of those beginner box ones, but I got it for free.)
Traynor Dyna Gain 60
Traynor Custom Reverb (1971)
Traynor Bassmaster (1971)
Vox T-15
It's all direct. I plug into a Line UX2 and use Pod Farm for the tones. RiffWorks for recording.