Heaps good man, love the orchestration you've done. Clean vocals are brilliant as well, you or whoever sang that is quite the tenor, boost them up in the mix because they are amazing. I kind of wanted the guitars to kick in with a bit more oomph, I feel like they haven't got enough mids or something, or maybe dial back the bass a bit on them. Either way, the guitar tone is about my only complaint on an otherwise awesome, awesome doom track.
Good intro! the melodies really work there.. Man is this brutal or what! The vocals are done real well, they actually stand out and hold power throughout the entire track. Lovin' the cleans too, also very unique and powerful.. I would like it better if the drums were a tiny bit louder, not to big a complaint though. Overall well done I could imagine this being the intro to a full length album.

Here's my most recent project, it's not close to being done but I'd like if you'd crit the rough rough draft
The intro technically sounds good, but I thought it was cheesy. It might have been my imagination, but I'm sure there was some distortion when the thunderclaps came in.

The vocals/guitar/bass are great! I especially liked the clean distant vocals that come in after the growling parts. It almost sounds like pavarotti or something lol

Hope this helps