Hey guys, i have an old song that my band wrote a while ago. But back then i never thought i did it much justice with my previous recording setup. So i've recorded it over again and tried a couple new approaches. Note the bass is a little weird because its a VST. And the first 2 minutes are a little iffy, i might go back and get some better clean tones. So try and get past the clean intro because the rest is pretty cool, anyways gives some feedback and i will gladly critique your guy's stuff. Thanks

Really nice playing and some sweet riffs. A couple of transitions were a bit abrupt, I did'nt really dig the mutliple style chances within the song but that might just be me, but other than that it was a good listen, you definately have some skill on guitar. I dug the basslines alot as well. I really liked the riffs at 5:40 to 7:00.

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