So i just got back into making music using a program called Reason 5 by Propllerhead after a LONG (was bout 6 months). It is fun times ! I like making 'experiemental' 'psychadelic-pop' 'trance' kind of stuff. I admit i just made up the term psychadelic pop, or as i like too call it 'psych-pop'.
Anywho. Just wondering if any of you UGers have this particular program and would be interested in doing a song or two, maybe even a mini album or something. It wouldn't be a full time "SEND ME THE NEW TRACKS NOW" type of thing, but we can share email adresses or whatever. More the merrier i say ! So if anyone is interested in started a UG.rsn band post on here or send me a message.

Heres a reference too the psych-pop i was jabbering on about.

I hope this is the right thread . . . :')
“being in a room and sitting there with a ghost, hearing their voice in your head and seeing them as clearly as I'm seeing you right now.”