I'm playing a song where the verse is made of quick picking but the chorus has a riff that is played by finger. I can simply play it all by pick (its a bit too quick to play it all by finger at least for me), but I was wondering if there's some trick where you can easily switch in and out of using a pick in a song? :/

Thanks in advance.
You can hold the pick with just your pinky but it takes some practice to switch between the two quickly and smoothly. Holding the pick with your middle finger is a lot easier but that only leaves your thumb and index finger for playing. The easier thing to do is to put a small piece of double sided tape on the edge of your bass or on a mic stand and put the pick on that when you're not using it, although this can also be a little slow.
That tape idea is a cool suggestion. Do you think blutack would work?
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Some people consider it defacing the instrument, but I'm a big fan of the dunlop pick holders. I have them on everything I own except my hand made 6-string bass, and they're incredibly useful. I guess for them it depends on exactly how quickly you need the pick, and how dextrous you are.

And yeah I think you could use blutak on the mic stand, but it sounds riskier than using duct/cloth tape, because at one end it might not stick as well, and at the other end it might be too gooey and stick on the pick.
Well, I solve this problem by using pretending to hold p ick, but hitting the string with my index fingernail. But, then again, I'm an idiot, so don't listen to my ideas

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A mic-stand pick holder is helpful for these situations. If that's not available, you could try using a thumb pick.
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Google Chris Broderick Pick Clip. I think they're a cracking idea and would like one myself.
You could try a thumb pick, or playing the whole song with a pick (no mention of that in the post... Probably because of the tone).
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Find a point in time where you can put the pick in your mouth? Unless of course you are also the singer
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Buy one of these Dunlop "pick holders", they have a sticky side which you can stick to your bass, and you put your pick(s) in it. These are also very cheap.
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Or - for a short while, until a break in the song maybe - use your finger nail? So easy to transition and a very similar sound. I use this quite a bit.
using a thumbpick works quite well if you need to switch in the middle of a song
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Buy one of these Dunlop "pick holders", they have a sticky side which you can stick to your bass, and you put your pick(s) in it. These are also very cheap.

That is awesome, i want one.
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i stick my pick in the space between the body and the pickup, its right next to my hand so i can switch quickly and costs nothing
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