Hey all.

I'm currently in the process of selecting and purchasing several effect pedals(chorus, reverb, delay, flanger, wah etc) and a Gigrig Midi-14 so I can make my own presets. There will probably be 7-8 pedals all up going into my tube amplifier. I have done a bit of research about true bypass systems and how having long cables and/or alot of pedals can cause the signal to weaken, ergo affecting tone. Have also read that having a goodbuffered pedal(or even a good standalone buffer) at the front of the pedals can stop this.

My question is if I use short cables to each pedal and then to the Midi-14 and to my amp(I only play in my room so long cables aren't needed), should I not worry about getting a buffer? At what stage do cable length and pedal quantity start to become an issue? Are we talking about 5 metres of combined cable? 10?

Also read something about the Gigrig Midi-14 being a great product for avoiding tone-loss. Initially I thought it was because it is true bypass and turns off the pedals not in use but is it also due to the pedals connecting to the Gigrig independently, and then to the amplifier(hence shorter cables?)? Where normally the pedals would be connected to eachother lengthening the cable used??

Sorry if any of this sounds noob-ish(have never had individual guitar pedals before), I just want the tone of my guitar and amplifier to remain as I spend a shitload on those components! Thanks heaps n advance.

ESP Horizon NT II
ESP Horizon NT 7
ESP Horizon FR II