woo, got a job now i can save up for a new amp. but what to get?
What i was looking towards is a jcm800, but the versatility isn't that great, so maybe a 900?

on to specifics.

my budget is boundless. other than beer, i don't really have much to pay for at the moment. i wouldnt really like to go over 3k though.

Genres! I mostly play punk and ska-punk. so, Ramones, clash, rancid, sublime, stuff like that. Old school punk and 90s ska-punk. no real favourite guitarists, but bradley nowell could pass.

new/used, I don't care.

At the moment i'm just at home because i've been moving a lot, just got back to perth and no band yet. however gigging will be in the future.

Closest city is perth, where i live. Not much else around here

Gear: fender strat, nothing special about it. standard pups ect.
amp is a ss crate, 120 watt. pretty old, got it from a neighbour for free a few years ago.

only other thing, i do get around to playing funk sometimes, so cleans and accepts pedals well are a good thing. but raw distortion is the main.
I also don't play metal.

I have a Jet City JCA50H, which has the right kind of gain. But it's like coaxing a timid woman into bed to get a decent clean out of the damn thing.
Just bought a hot rod deluxe and it's beautiful, but why do you want to spend three grand on an amp thats gna play artists that didn't have 3 grand amps ?
Look for a used Mesa Mark IV or a Fender Super Sonic.

Actually you can get a new Splawn for that price, amazing amps.
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i think a vox would be right for what ur looking for. maybe a marshall jvm410 if you want versatility?

or, if your really trying to hit the top end of your budget go for an orange thunder/rockerverb