I need a bigger wat amp and id need to know how to connect just a speaker to a bass head and do i need too pick a certain one ar are they all ompattible????
there will be a speaker jack in the back of the head. A 1/4 inch jack or speakon (newer amps). you match up the ohms that the head os rated at, if it is an 8 ohn head you need a 8 ohm rated cab. If it is a minimum 4 ohm load from the amp, you can use 1 8 ohm cab, 2 8 ohm cabs (wich makes a 4 ohm load), or 1 4 ohm cab. some amps will go as low as 2 ohms, but are normaly much more expensive amps.

If you let us know what head and cab your thinking about we can make a much better rcomendation.
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