So this is a little something I came across on craigslist. I've seen the thunderbird style Jackson bass guitars but never a 6 string like this, and it has a floyd. The only thing is says in the ad is that it is a professional series, which I know means it was made oversees, and you can see that the truss rod cover is blank. He's asking $325 for it. Does anybody know anything about this guitar? I can't find it in a single Jackson catalogue anywhere.
ask for a serial number.... and better pictures.... cause from them pictures i cant find anything that looks like that ... to me i am thinking a parts guitar.... and he just put a jackson neck on it... but i could be wrong....
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That looks like a Jackson Firebird. Go try it out.
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Looks to be an old Jackson Firebird, I believe Dave Mustaine used them at some point in the 90s, he uses a red one in Megadeth's Trust video. Seems legitimate but I would seek more information if I were you.
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So I passed on it, really unique looking but it was beat to hell. I did end up buying another guitar. I thought I was buying the cheap 400$ version of the Jackson Kelly, but I think I may have stumbled upon some type of KE3. I can't find the serial anywhere but it has Duncan Designed pups and a transparent blue finish. As far as I know, those only came on the KE3's. It only has a volume knob and no tone so I'm perplexed. Here's a pic. Anybody have any additional info on what she might be?