I entirely wrote and recorded this in one night, and there are a couple spots that need to be fixed, but give'r a listen and let me know what you think.

My Song
I like it! It needs to be fixed in places and all that, but for a one night project its pretty well done

Is that you playing all the instruments? and how did you record this?
The acoustics was an AT2020 & Apex 435(not sure if that's right) through MBox to ProTools 8. The Electrics and bass was my Gibson ES 137 and Ibanez Soundgear plugged straight in to the MBox running through ProTools and Sans Amp plugin (plus a bunch of other plugins). The drums and piano were both done in ProTools using MIDI lol. And yes, I wrote and played everything (minus the drums which I drew in lol I can't play drums on a keyboard for my life). and it was all mixed through headphones (Sennheiser HD 180)
Just found this again..

Thats all really impressive dude, hope you got something good out of it.
I like the intro you had but I think you should cut out the lead guitar in the intro and come in around the :24 second mark with it instead of from the beginning. I think it'll help build up a mood to the song rather than just having it repeat in the beginning so much if your going to use it again around 1:48. The rhythm and everything else is fine and I like the way you ended the song.
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