There were times when my fingers really hurt from all the solo practicing, especially the bending, but i kept going, so the skin would get harder. But now at the end of my middle and ring finger on my fretting hand, the skin is completely flat on one side. It's like a part of my finger is missing (about 1 or 2 mm). It doesn't hurt, the skin is hard. But I'm wondering if this is normal or something's wrong.
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its from all the pressing down, and it is normal it bends because its getting stronger.
Well, yeah, it's pretty common, some people have skin that is more prone to this type of stuff. For example my fingers just get a bit rough and I play like 4-5 hours a day, while the other guitarist in my band plays less and his fingers are sort of like yours. If it really bothers you there is bound to be some sort of treatment.
There's nothing wrong with your fingers, my left hand (fretting hand) fingers are pretty calloused. The more you play and the more callouses you get the longer you'll be able to play at a time without it hurting, hell I jam for hours straight and there's no pain.
nice thanks. i was just worried that after a while i will play with my bones haha