Hey, I was just wondering if anyone is doing AS music tech and has to sequence AMTV by Ladytron for 20 hours.
If anyone on here does, feel free to share what instruments you're using for various parts and what software you are using to sequence it.
I've only just started it and we have to use Cubase 4 which has pretty crap choices for instruments to get the right sound.
I'm in my A2 year of Music Technology, and I do feel sorry for you lot on the sequence, but what i'll say now is don't moan, because next year you'll have to do it by ear without any score! I HATED the sequence for my AS year, but what I will say is don't rely on presets for your synth sounds, because you actually get marks for showing how you have changed the presets in your logbook.
Ahhh cheers, so it's best to pick similar sounding ones then just mess about with them? And bloody hell do you get more time if you have to do it all by ear D: That's put me off doing it at A2 haha!