Poll: How motivated are you on a scale from 1-5? (1 not at all, 5 extremely)
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View poll results: How motivated are you on a scale from 1-5? (1 not at all, 5 extremely)
39 25%
43 27%
49 31%
20 13%
6 4%
Voters: 157.
Hey pit,

So I have quite a lot of work to do, but I have absolutely no motivation to do it :/ I've realised that this is something that I struggle with pretty much all the time, and was wondering how motivated The Pit is.

So, on a scale of 1-5 (1 being 'not at all', and 5 being 'extremely'), how motivated are you to do things such as school work, housework, etc..?

I'd have to go with 1.

tl;dr: I'm not motivated to do stuff. How motivated are you?
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its time for you to get to work buddy
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Like a 2, only because I need money to live.
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I don't really have any motivation to do start my coursework right now but for other stuff I guess i'm fairly motivated... 3 I guess.
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1. I'm a worthless turd.
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I'm motivated to work hard at my job, but I couldn't care less about school.
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It depends. For example: I'm extremely motivated to run to the pub to drink some beers, but I'm not that motivated to run as in a physical excercise at all. That'll have to change, though.
I'm pretty motivated to get this SuDoku done.
That's about it at the moment.
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Like a 2, only because I need money to live.


Though I just cracked out my physics knowledge which hasn't been used for about 3 years to help my friend working out Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation. Felt good to do that, and I was determined to get it right.
When it's my own work though....forget about it.
I have 1 day to write 18 pages of work out......I say I'm a 1 :P
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Depends on what school work i guess. Anything from 1 - 4 so I'll go with a 3
Tomorrow starts the first examweek of the college where i go to. I haven't done anything because of personal stuff and the classes are just boring. Thinking of dropping out for the second time.. anyway life is a bitch.
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I'm pretty motivated to go play A Link to the Past, (I'd say about a 4) but that's really the only thing I'm motivated to do right now.
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5. /jew.
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So it´s 2 and the reason why it isn´t 1 is cuz I love to rock parties!
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I said 3... But now that I think about it it's probably more like 1.5...
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Prolly a 2-3. I've been a bit more motivated recently since I've found something I'm good at, enjoy, and will most likely be a good career to works towards, but I'm still incredibly lazy and unmotivated.
Always 1.

I've noticed that among my friends, the ones who get good grades and get things done on time, it's not motivation that drives them, it's self-discipline. They don't enjoy it, but they know it needs to be done.
My motivation never comes from any sort of internal source. It's always pressure coming from teachers, parents, and/or peers that motivates me to do coursework or cleaning, or really anything.

I gave myself a 1.
I'm not motivated to do anything anymore. Senioritis is kicking in.
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ggg1 ggg3

I'm feeling kind of motivated for once.
The problem is that I just don't know what to work on and I can't find anywhere quiet and secluded.
I was going to click on 5, but I didn't really feel like it. I ended up clicking on 1. Don't judge me, I just have a lack of motivation. I really deserve a 5, but I don't feel like giving myself it. Could someone else give it to me?
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I have a bunch of problems I've done nothing to solve, so a one.
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Well it depends. If it's something like housework or chores I'd say 1 since I don't live on my own, if I did though that figure would jump up to a 4.

I wasn't motivated at all to do homework/schoolwork when I was back in school, but that's because I was a selfish prick who only payed attention to what I found interesting. (Read: Music class and lunch break).

When it comes to working I'd say 4. I'm never completely ecstatic about it but I do my best.

When it comes to anything else (such as music, writing, swimming, rugby etc.) I'd say 5.

Put that on your poll TS
2. Revising for exams is boring as. Being injured means I can't train. Life is dull atm
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