Eya dudes and lady dudes, I'm starting to get things together for home recording and was wondering how big a difference a new sound card would make (currently using onboard), a friend is offering to sell me his Creative Sound Blaster X FI, will these sound cards have make a decent improvement in recording quality?
Not especially, to be honest. If it's a good deal go for it: the x-fi has its own ASIO drivers which may help with latency. However, I've been recording using crappy onboard sound for years, fairly seriously, and I've never had any problems.

What you're looking for is more likely a USB interface. This will generally act as your sound card anyway is use, but it's much better tailored to music production than a consumer sound card.

What's your overall plan with recording then?
Okay cool thanks for the advice dude, our other guitarist is getting a Boss me25 soon, which has usb inputs, will that act as a decent usb interface?

atm I'm not quite sure, still piecing everything together, I'm not sure whether to mic up or go straight in, which do you think is best? As far as drums go we going to be using EZdrummer and record through Sony ACID music studio 8. I may be able to get my hands on a small mixer with a mic aswell.
Audio Interface. They're specifically designed for professional audio recording.

If you want both guitar and microphone, get an audio interface with TRS and XLR support, and I suggest getting one that allows phantom power as well.
Gaming cards are designed to sound fantastic on the outputs. Recording interfaces are designed to sound great on the inputs. (well.... and the outputs.)

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