I've recently been playing more and more with my church band (no not boring old hymns) and because some people are deaf who go there, sometimes the induction loop has to be keep on to stop, for instance, my guitar signals interfering with their hearing-aids.

I have a standard mexican-strat that I play with and when I play at church with the single coil bridge pickup on, it causes a distinct buzzing noise. I know this is the induction loop causing the problem because when it is tuned off there is no noise. And when I play on my friends guitar - which has alnico humbuckers - its fine too. To fix my problem i usually have to switch to my bridge and middle pickup or my neck and middle pickup. This sometimes results in a loss of treble.

For christmas I am thinking about replacing my bridge pickup to something like seymour duncan hot rails. Would this fix the problem? If not then which pickups would? (preferably single coil sized)

Hope somebody can help, thanks.
If the pickups you're currently using are single coils, they will tend to pick up stray AC fields, which results in hum being produced in your speaker. Humbuckers definitely help get rid of the buzz. Active pickups are even better at getting rid of the hum. I'm assuming the Hot Rails are active.

Edit: Hey, and what's wrong with the old hymns? They're the classics which have withstood the tests of time.
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ahh thankyou! and will that sort out the buzzing then?

ps. I know I know, just some people instantly associate church with hymns, I prefer rock and blues