Hi, when I bend the strings on my guitar (Ibanex RG350DX) I feel as if something is being rubbed against and I notice that the strings are scratching my frets (I can see the strings wearing/scratching the frets as I bend) I also notice buzzing between frets 10-15 for my B and G strings only.
I havent played my guitar in awhile but before I did I took off the strings and did a bit of cleaning with a fine scrubbing pad and some lemon oil, then I adjusted the floating bridge so its straight (first time adjusting bridge and cleaning guitar), I don't know if this had anything to do with it.
How do I fix the buzz and the scratching, or should I just go for a setup?
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frets will inevitably wear down, but like rickyj said the buzz is probably from lowering the bridge. It takes some messing around with bridge adjustments to find that sweet spot on your guitar.
I've got the same guitar and I can tell you from my experience with it that it comes with very cheap frets. I've had mine for about 4 years now and it's pretty much unplayable right now until I get around to putting new frets on it. They wear out fast.
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the rubbing feel can be either the fretboard or the other frets. i noticed that when i had .9s on my warlock, bending on the lower frets cause the string to rub on the fretboard itself and bending on the higher frets cause the string to rub on 2 frets(like if i were bending the 15th fret, it would be rubbing on the 15th and 14th frets.) When i changed to .10 gauge, the fretboard scratching went away, but i stil rub on multiple frets when bending higher notes. Raising the bridge will fix the buzz, but not the rubbing.